Dr. Terry Wahls - 2008

A Cure for MS. Natural Food and Disease. We still have a choice.

We often believe that we’re helpless when it comes to incurable disease. But is that really the truth? If you were diagnosed with a terminal illness How would you react? This post was written to remind you that when it comes to treating, curing, and preventing disease we still have a choice. Dr. Terry Wahls […]

Food Matters

Food Matters

Soooo it’s been about a week since my last blog post. How you doing? I’ve been really busy trying to get that ebook done. Before I talk more about the ebook I HAVE to tell you about this AWESOME movie I watched on Sunday night. It’s called Food Matters and it just came out to […]


The Benefits of Coconut Oil

If you know me in real life, like face to face everyday regular Rochelle real life, then you know that I most definitely LOVE coconut oil. I started adding coconut oil into my diet during the Spring of 2010. With coconut oil and raw foods combined, I lost 30 lbs in about 3 months. There […]