About SNI

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Welcome :) My name is Rochelle Hanson.
I’m so happy that you’re here.
Let me tell you all about SNI.
This blog is about Simply Natural Ideas.
You can look forward to getting lots of practical tips for natural health and wellness on this site. My goal is to help you on your journey to living a more healthy, vibrant, and natural lifestyle.

Before I started this site, I used to post everything in my Facebook group, Rochelle Hanson Wellness. I like having the group because it’s a great place to connect with like minded people and share positive ideas and lifestyle goals while encouraging one another. In addition to that, I wanted a place to keep everything organized so that anyone could find anything I’ve posted at any time, facebook or not. So yah, that’s why I started this blog.

After loosing 35 lbs in three months for myself, and seeing real permanent changes in my own life, I just couldn’t keep all that info to myself! So here we are at Simply Natural Ideas. You’re welcome to hang out and take a look around. Soak up all the good stuff you can get, and subscribe to get a free copy of my brand new Breaking Cravings ebook. I post new content on this blog for you on a weekly basis.

See my mission and vision for SNI below.

Mission Statement.
To help people who feel tired and sick by encouraging them to live a vibrant, healthy, and well balanced lifestyle through the exchange of valuable information about the principles and methods that work for me and my family.

Vision Statement.
I see a beautiful world where people prioritize natural health. A world where people are empowered by the truth and equipped to make healthy lifestyle choices for themselves. A world where people thrive by taking ownership and responsibility for their own well being as they radiate with the natural beauty of God’s incredible design.

So there you have it. The mission and vission for Simply Natural Ideas. How will I accomplish this? Through the exchange of valuable information, of course. I’ve just written a free ebook called Breaking Cravings. It’s about how to break your cravings, stop food addiction, and build a healthy relationship with food. Subscribe to get your personal copy of the 17 page Breaking Cravings ebook, absolutely free. You can also watch this video if you’d like to take a look inside.

What else can you do here?

Enjoy my Raw Music. Food is more than the stuff on your plate ;) After you nourish your body, come nourish your heart. This is a brand new section of the blog. New videos will be posted weekly.

Visit the Raw Recipes Page for simple ideas on how to prepare raw food smoothies, soups, sauces, and snacks. All of these recipes are practical and easy. You don’t have to be a chef to be healthy. Anyone can prepare these dishes.

Brush up on your Food Facts and learn about the benefits of raw foods. I will adding a lot more to this section as we move forward.

Get some Wellness Tips from my weekly column at Sway Magazine. These are a lot of fun.

Or check out the beginnings of my journey with Cellercise. Never heard of Cellercise? All the more reason to explore lol.

Have fun, my new friend. Subscribe so you don’t miss the good stuff.

Talk to you again soon!