Always tired? No problem. Start Eating for energy.

How to eat for energy.

I used to have low energy.
I’ve always had a bubbly personality.
But there was a time in my life
when my bubbly personality
simply could not outweigh
the fact that my energy was low.

I struggled with anemic symptoms.
I felt tired in the mornings
My zest for life was gone.
I started showing up late for work….
Which I’m sure never happens to any of you.
I found myself being grumpy….
Snapping at people for no good reason…

All of this is completely different
from the person who I am today
Simply because I changed my lifestyle
and I learned how to eat for energy.

Now I wake up feeling fabulous in the morning
My energy lasts me all day long
And that is the BEST THING EVER.

Watch this 3 minute video
for a better idea of what I mean.
Here’s how to eat for energy.

Tomorrow afternoon I’m doing a live small group workshop
for 16 people at an office in North York, Ontario.
The topic of the workshop is “Eating for Energy.”

Because it’s a private work shop,
Most of you reading this will not able to attend.
So I’ve written a lot of the information that
I will present at the small group workshop
in the simply natural ideas column at Sway Magazine.

Here’s a link to the article entitled
How to Eat for Energy.
You’re welcome to read it
and take advantage of the information.

I hope this article inspires you
on your journey to natural health!

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