The Benefits of Leafy Greens

The Benefits of Eating Leafy Greens


“Eat your vegetables!” A phrase most people will remember from childhood. Spinach. Collards. Parsley. Dandelion Leaves. Swiss Chard. Algae. Kale. The list of leafy greens includes a lot more than just lettuce! What kind of greens are on your plate?

We all know that leafy greens are healthy for us. Unfortunately, even though we typically know what’s good for us, most of us don’t actually do what’s good for us. In the last blog post, All Things Green we looked at some of my favourite green recipe ideas, not only to help you get more greens into your life, but also to enjoy them. I hope the practical information shared in these blog posts will motivate and encourage you to eat more leafy greens every day.

Before I shoot off a list of all the benefits, I want to talk about the colour green in and of itself. The reason green food is green is because of the pigmentation called chlorophyll. You probably heard about chlorophyll in high school when you learned about photosynthesis. But did you know that chlorophyll is actually good for the blood? It has nearly the exact same molecular structure as human hemoglobin. There’s only one molecule thats different! Health food stores actually sell liquid chlorophyll as a supplement to help with anemia, balancing the blood, and detoxification from the inside out. If I had known about liquid chlorophyll back when I was anemic, I probably would have tried taking it instead of the iron pills ;) In fact, I may still try it out, as I do still have slight anemic symptoms from time to time due to heavy menstrual cycles.


Without taking supplements, you can benefit from the chlorophyll that is naturally present in leafy greens by eating them on a daily basis. You will want to eat at least two to three huge helpings of greens a day to truly take advantage of the benefits. Whether you have your greens raw, steamed, juiced, in a green smoothie, or a blended soup is totally up to you.

Personally, I believe that you get the most out of the juice, smoothies, and blended soups, as they are basically predigested and more available to the body because the cell walls have already been broken down by the process of blending etc. Eating or drinking your greens raw also prevents the loss of valuable enzymes and amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. Read more about this in an article by Victoria Boutenko located at the bottom of this post. She’s the woman who is reponsible for making green smoothies as popular as they are today.

Energy Soup is my favorite way to get a lot of greens. My Grammy loves it too. I let my friends Maria and Renee have samples and they both thought it was delish! Check out my personal recipe at the very bottom of All Things Green

In my own personal experience, I have witnessed either in myself or in my grandmother, who I now prepare raw food meals for on a daily basis, the following benefits of eating leafy greens.

Leafy green foods can:

Alkalize the body
Reduce and eliminate acid reflux
Boost the immune system
Help you feel energized
Deodorize the body from the inside out
Reduce inflammation
Help to treat arthritis
Reduce brain fog
Improve the ability to focus help clear the mind
Regulate blood sugar in diabetics
Help to regulate blood pressure
Contain antioxidants, vitamins, minerals
Have cancer fighting properties
Improve the skin by giving a nice, natural, youthful glow
Reduce acne from the inside out
Enhance vocal tone quality by clearing the vocal chords
Help with fat loss
Help to cleanse the colon


I am not a doctor, but I know that Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can also be corrected by balancing the body and replenishing its vitamin and mineral deficiencies. If you have either of these conditions, please do consult your doctor, but take note that they will probably only prescribe you with medication to treat your symptoms, not the cause. There is no generally agreed upon cause for diseases such as these, which is why I personally believe that these diseases are more of a catch all label than anything else. If you are suffering right now, then you know that pain killers cannot correct your problems and they often have side effects that will make you worse over time. Watch the following three videos of individuals who chose to treat their Fibromyalgia naturally using green smoothies and vitamins. I have no affiliation with the people in the following videos, I am sharing their testimonies here on my blog because I believe their approach makes more sense than what traditional medicine would prescribe.

Green Smoothies Relieve Fibromyalgia Symptoms in 4 days

Staci in Arizona tackles Fibromyalgia with Green Smoothies

Freedom From Fibromyalgia

If you would like more info on the benefits of eating leafy greens, here are just a few of the articles I’ve read on the topic. At some point I plan to put together a list of really good books for you too. For now, you can browse through the articles listed below.

10 health benefits of Green Smoothies from Victoria Boutenko

Liquid Chlorophyll over Iron Supplements

5 Unusual Leafy Green Vegetables

Miracle Benefits of Liquid Chlorophyll with some Raw Honey

Please note: I am not personally affiliated with any of the websites or authors of the articles listed above. I do believe the information is interesting and that it could indeed be valuable for you. Please consult your doctor before you begin any new treatments for yourself. Here’s to your health and wellness!


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Paula Marshall
Paula Marshall

Amazing, Rochelle! Good for you and great stuff! This info is straight up my alley, as I'm a nature and healthy food lover too, despite what I told you in our last convo. :) I do maintain that I don't like salad, but I'm open to every other ways to consume veggies. I too have an amazing blender, and you've inspired me to use it more often. I can't wait to try some of your recipes; those smoothies are calling my name.

Girl, may God continue to bless your ministry. We have the health message and it's great when 'young people (lol)' have recognized the endless possibilities found within our foods. This brings me to the Garden of Eden, and God's original design. I praise God for this blessing.

Looking forward for more goodies, Shelly,

Paula M.


Hi Paula! I'm so happy that you came to the blog! Even happier that you're planning to whip out your blender to try some of the recipes! Mwahahaha. Have fun my dear! We will talk again soon :) Thank for all your encouragement.

Love ya!