No-Bake Coconut Recipes

Need some ideas for homemade snacks?
Want an alternative to granola bars and cookies?
Try these easy no-bake coconut recipes.

There are 5 different recipes for coconut squares on this page.

They don’t require any cooking and can be made in minutes. Did I mention these recipes are SUPER yum? Mmmmm I can hardly wait for you to try these. Ok let’s go.

Sesame Coconut Squares

These taste like a cross between sesame snaps and rice crispy squares. I have a lot of recipes for coconut squares, this is one of my Grammy’s favourites. Here’s the recipe – don’t be alarmed at the large quantities. I eat a lot of these. The recipe makes 92 squares. I won’t tell you how many I give to Grammy or you’ll know how many I eat all by myself!!

Ok here it is.

4 cups of shredded coconut (the plain kind with no refined sugar)
2 cups of sesame seeds
1 cup of ground flax seeds (optional – when i use these, i only use one cup of sesame)
1 cup of almond Butter
1/2 cup of tahini
4 heaping TBLSP of cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil
5 heaping TBLSP of raw honey
2 pinches of sea salt (to bring out the other flavours)

Rochelle Hanson head shotI hope this is the exact recipe. To be honest, I just throw everything in the bowl and mix it up without measuring most of the time so feel free to tweak this a bit if something isn’t working for you.

To mix it all, you can use a fork or a food processor, but I use my hands. You gotta put some love in there, you know? You’ll get sticky mixing it, but it’s kind of fun and it makes everything taste better too. YUM.

After it’s all mixed it should be a little crumbly, don’t worry. Put the mixture in a pan, smoosh it down with a fork, and throw it in the fridge to get solid. Then you cut it into squares and enjoy!

There are four more recipes for coconut squares below, so scroll down & keep reading.

Cinnamon Coconut Squares.


These will almost melt in your mouth…

2 cups of coconut (shredded, unsweetened) by the way every time I mention coconut, please understand that i mean the unsweetened kind. We don’t like processed sugar here now do we ;)
1 cup of almonds (crushed or chopped. I do this in my Blendtec in less than 15sec on the grind grain setting. You can use a food processor if you don’t have a high speed blender.
1 banana (the more ripe the better)
1-2 TBLSP of raw honey (optional)
1 TBLSP of Lemon Juice
4-5 TBLSP of coconut oil (extra virgin cold pressed) we will talk about the benefits of coconut oil in the next blog, this is truly amazing stuff. I actually lost about 30llbs in three months and I ate these kinds of snacks all the time. Still do lol.
You will also need a liberal amount of cinnamon.

Ok so mix all the ingredients in a big bowl using a fork. Save the cinnamon and one cup of the coconut for later. Once everything is mixed well, add the last cup of coconut. Mix that in with the rest now. It’s gonna start to look pretty. Next put the entire mixture in a rectangular dish and press it down with a fork. Sprinkle as much cinnamon on top as you want and you’re done! Allow it to set for a short while in the fridge. The coconut oil will solidify and then you can cut them into squares and eat them without them falling apart lol. Deeelicious :) this makes 15-20 squares.

Coconut Date Squares.


I just love these. I really do. The texture is like a chewy granola bar, only a bit softer.

1 cup of Shredded Coconut
3 cups of Almond Pulp (left over from making almond milk) If you’d like me to blog about making almond milk I can do that, just let me know.
2 cups of Ground Flax Seeds (I grind them in my Blendtec you can use a coffee grinder or whatever you have or just buy them ground if you have to)
3TBLSP of coconut oil
2 TBLSP of raw honey
6 Medjool dates (remove pits and chop)
2 pinches of cinnamon

This makes about 45 squares lol. Don’t worry i didn’t eat them all myself ;) Brought a bunch to work. People liked them! OK mix everything in a bowl. Press down in a dish and cut in squares. Sprinkle cinnamon on the top if you like, and that’s it! Store it in the fridge. Enjoy ♥

Chocolate & Vanilla Coconut Squares.


These lil guys are just delish. My Dad really likes these. Especially the chocolate ones. Auntie Bev does too. Only takes 10 mins to make this no-bake recipe. And i say the word recipe loosely here because i just kinda eye balled the ingredients. But you’ll get the idea. The texture should turn out nice and creamy.

For the “vanilla” squares i used:
Dessicated Coconut
Tahina (sesame paste)
Raw Honey
Mix everything in a bowl, spread and press the mixture together in a rectangular dish, add more coconut sprinkles on the top (just for good looks) cut it, plate it, et voila! You can store in the fridge for them to firm up a bit before or after you plate it. After will give you a cleaner cut than what is pictured here.

For the “chocolate” squares i used:
the same ingredients as the vanilla, plus raw chocolate (theobromo cacao), only a hint of tahina, and i added a liberal amount of coconut fat from off the top of the AROY-D 100% Coconut milk (the kind that comes in a box with no preservatives- it’s easy to digest, it’s also a natural immune booster & it speeds up your metabolism ;) we’re gonna talk more about this later ;)

So that’s about it! 10 mins and you’re done ♥ ♥ ♥

Not-so-Oreo cookies


If you like Oreo cookies, try making these the next time you want a special treat.
They are super fun to eat! I love how you can just pop em in your mouth.

2 1/2 cups of dessicated coconut
3-4 TBSP of raw chocolate powder
2 TBSP of raw honey
5 TBSP of coconut oil

Dump everything in a bowl and mix together. I mixed the coconut and the chocolate first then added everything else. oh and save about 1/2 cup of coconut to mix in at the end after everything else is mixed. it just looks pretty, kinda sprinkley lol ;) Scoop out the mixture with a melon-baller to make the round cookie shape. This could take a while till you get the hang of it. Store in the fridge. They WILL melt. The recipe makes at least 30 cookies or more. Not exactly sure cause i usually wind up eating some along the way lol.

Advice: you may have to work on ice depending on the temperature of your house/kitchen. i had two trays of ice under the glass container as i was balling them up so they wouldn’t melt and loose their shape. This recipe is a little more work than the others because of the presentation, but they taste like gourmet chocolates :)

I have a few more varieties of these coconut squares, but that should be enough to keep you busy for awhile. I hope you find something here that you’d like to try making for yourself :) have fun!

By the way, if you’re new here, read up on the benefits of coconut oil, or get yourself a copy of The Coconut Oil Miracle by Bruce Fife.

(Full disclosure – That is a referral link, so if you click it and decide to buy the book, I’ll get a tiny share of the profit.)

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lassyro 1 Like

Wow...I made the Sesame Coconut Squares and the Cinnamon Coconut Squares...yum!   The Sesame ones actually remind me of healthy rice krispie treats.   I brought them to a cookout with some friends and they were a hit with everyone...little did they know what a healthy treat they were eating until I shared the simple ingredients with them.  Thank you Rochelle!

Rochelle Hanson
Rochelle Hanson moderator

 @lassyro Hi there! You're very welcome! I am SO HAPPY to hear that your made the coconut squares and that they turned out to be a hit! THAT IS AWESOME :) It's really great to know that you're having success with these healthy recipes. I hope you'll continue to enjoy them!


Hi Rochelle,

I'm new to your site....followed a link from I absolutely love what your doing here. Health and wellness is so important, but I've found that 'doing' can be challenging. :)

You mentioned blogging about making almond milk and I'm interested to know what recipe you use. Hopefully I can add the almond pulp to my regular baking for some great new creations. I currently drink the Silk Almond Milk and love it. I use all three (sweetened, unsweetened and choc!) depending on my needs.

Thanks so much for your site, keep it coming!

Rochelle Hanson
Rochelle Hanson

Hi Christeen :) It's SO nice to meet you. Welcome to the blog! Thank you so much for reminding me about the almond milk.... I TOTALLY need to post about that... it's been quite a while since i've made almond milk to be honest, but if I remember correctly my ratio was one to one.. like one cup of almonds to one cup of water... what i will have to do is try it again to remember. I kind of go through phases of what i make from scratch and what i buy and flip things around for convenience if I have to. Life is an ever revolving wheel isn't it?? lol :) Talk to you again soon!


Lauren Besthoff
Lauren Besthoff

I would love to hear about the process of making Almond Milk...


Ok thanks for letting me know Lauren! I will work on a post about it for you in the near future :) stay well!


I love these recipes! I have food allergies (wheat, corn, glucose, white sugar, red dye, blue dye, and many more) and these all don't use them! amen! i feel like i got a food breakthrough.


I am sooo happy to hear that Hun! Enjoy the recipes :) Talk soon!